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Getting Started

  • Introduction (recorded 10/13/20)
  • Understanding Ethnicity EstimatesUnderstanding

Interpreting Your DNA Test Results

  • AncestryDNA with BONUS Case Study
  • FamilyTreeDNA
  • 23andMe
  • GEDMatch

Types of DNA to Use

  • Autosomal DNA (recorded 10/20/20)
  • Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA, and X-DNA (recorded 10/27/20)
  • Case Studies with Y-DNA and Mitochondrial DNA (recorded 11/11/20)
  • X-DNA (recorded 11/18/20)
  • Case Studies with X-DNA

Advanced Topics

  • What’s New at GEDMatch, Law Enforcement, DNA Testing Sites, & DNA Painter
  • Researching Who Your DNA Matches Are
  • DNA Painter—Painting YourChromosomes
  • Combining DNA and Non-DNA Evidence (Finding a Surprise Grandfather)

Finding Birth Families with DNA

  • How to Find Birth Families Using DNA
  • Case Studies on Finding Birth Families Using DNA

These videos and handouts can be accessed immediately inside the DNA Hunters Society.  Each video has an hour plus-long talk, followed by a Q&A period. 

Except as noted above where recording dates are provided, I recorded these videos with Thomas MacEntee for our DNA Boot Camps. 

We will be recording new versions of these videos in the Master Classes!  



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